Digital Excellence Program.
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Initiating a Transformation Journey is a big step and we understand it can be quite confronting, but an advantageous investment. REDD's Digital Excellence Program is a four month fast-track introductory initiative that has an immediate impact on your business and provides the right foundations for digital prosperity.  

The program takes a deep dive into your business, uncovers immediate cost-saving opportunities and provides you with the initial steps to roadmap a transformation.  

  • Includes a half-day workshop.

  • Identifies areas for optimisation.

  • Introduces efficient business infrastructure.

  • Establishes opportunities for automation workflows.

  • Outlines areas for Data Analytics & Data Science.

I had a vision but I didn't quite know how to get there and the benefit with REDD is that they  provide that high level of skill.

Justin Smart Chief Operating Officer at Trilogy Funds