August 11, 2020
IT spend got you down? Here’s how to turn that around…

There is an over-arching feeling that technology, and all the innovations that come with the industry, make it both an exciting space to be a part of. Within organisations however, the sentiment is sometimes quite the contrary, with IT often being one of the least likely departments to incite feelings of excitement or joy across your organisation.

We see business owners investing year on year in IT spend, without feeling like they are reaping any real benefit in return.

They in turn have team members who are frustrated with their old, slow, antiquated systems, making it a constant challenge to get their work done quickly or efficiently.

This just doesn’t make sense. You were advised to invest in IT and here you are, spending a substantial sum! You’re waiting to reap the rewards that you have heard are so readily available once you start investing in technology. But the efficiencies, cost optimisations and revolution to your workplace that investment in IT promises has seemingly bypassed your organisation. With businesses investing some $3.2 trillion in new technology over the last 5 years, yet only 14% of these actually realising the full potential of their investments, the statistics prove something is wrong.

Many organisations still see IT as a periphery expenditure, rather than a core part of their business success. As such, the investments being made are menial, must-haves, hardware upgrades, your software licensing fees and ensuring you’ve spending on implementing and maintaining your critically core systems. These are often purely infrastructure requirements and are no longer the innovative, automation type technologies that will make your business a digitally enabled leader. Companies that invest in truly disruptive technologies are the ones that are reaping the benefits of innovation and success.

However, if you have no one proactively driving your tech forward and your team holds a negative sentiment about your existing IT spend, then investing on innovation can be a hard pill to swallow. It can feel like too much of a risk to spend more money on something that has proved to have very little return on investment in the past.

So, what’s the solution to this problem?

Simply put, you really need to start by doing three things. Step One, benchmark where you currently stand on your technology environment. Step two, Reimagine what your world looks like removing all the negative sentiment around IT in your business. Step three, create a plan chunked down into executable tasks that can help you achieve your desired state over a year, two or three year horizon. The goal here is to have IT closely connected with your business strategy; rather than sitting on the outskirts as a business expense. Together IT and digital will become strategic drivers of cost optimisations and growth for you, whilst enhancing your team’s culture in a positive way.

And this is why we created REDD, to help organisations like yours, turn the negative sentiment towards IT into a positive differentiator where you see real results and benefits from these three carefully articulated steps. Our Digital MRI (Manage, Reimagine, Innovate) was designed around these core principles, developed with over 25 years commercial experience in the IT space.

Don’t take our word for it, hear more about some of our clients talking about the REDD experience on our YouTube channel here. When you’re ready to make IT a more enjoyable part of your organisation’s success, get in touch with us.

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